Intensive One Day Coffee Roasting Course

Unique Course in the UK to BARistaBARBAR
at the Baristabarbar Barista School & London Coffee Lab


We will be running the coffee roast course again after the Government Lockdown ends.Please send us an email to so we can inform you of the dates of the courses.

BARistaBARBAR's Coffee Roasting Course is a one day intensive course covering the following-
•Is a practical 'hands on' roasting course on a commercial coffee roaster
•An introduction to Cupping
•Assessment of green beans and processing methods.
•The process of roasting
•Conducting sample roasts
•Creating sample roasts with a drum roaster
•Assessing the qualities of the coffee through cupping
•An introduction to coffee profiling

Coffee Roasting Course is a combination of theoretical and practical elements. It is an introduction to coffee roasting.

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