We offer HALF day & FULL day Coffee Roasting Courses

HALF DAY 2.5 hrs £110
Thurs 7th Dec 10.30am-1pm
This Basic Roasting Course is for beginners. It outlines the basic steps of roasting coffee in a Drum Roaster. It includes bean selection, profiling and we do a batch roast on our roaster with an explanation of the process.

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FULL DAY Intensive  Coffee Roasting Course £189
Thurs 7th Dec 10.30am-4pm 

This course is for those who want to get the basic roasting and cupping skills for setting up a roastery. It assumes you are new to roasting and it covers drum roasting. In the course we cover everything from green bean selection through to doing profiling and batch roasts on our drum roaster.  In addition to this you will learn the basics of cupping to make assessments about the quality of the roasts.

Unique Course in the UK to BARistaBARBAR
at the Baristabarbar Barista School & London Coffee La
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